Escon Japan


ES-CON Japan is a life developer that builds the settings of people’s futures, bringing ideals into reality and the future of Japan to life.


Responsibility of ES-CON Japan

Basic Thinking on Corporate Governance

Our corporate activities are made possible by the support of our customers, shareholders, business partners, local communities, and other stakeholders. In order to maintain the trust of these stakeholders, we recognize the importance of robust corporate governance. In addition to the legally-mandated functions of the board of directors and auditing committee, we use internal and external audits to improve management efficiency and transparency to fulfill our responsibility to society.

Thorough Compliance

Based on our Corporate Ethics and Conduct Charter, which declares our implementation of corporate ethics and social responsibility, we have set out a Compliance Code of Conduct and a Compliance Manual so that officers and employees behave in a way that conforms to laws, regulations, our Articles of Incorporation, and social norms, and have established a thorough enforcement structure in our Compliance Regulations. Full implementation of these is achieved through the instructions of the compliance officer and cooperation of the compliance department and each other department.

CSR Initiatives

With the environmental burden produced by business activities constantly in mind, we prioritize environmentally-friendly development and design. Whether it is installing garbage disposals that reduce food waste, toilets that use 50% less water, or highly-insulated thermo baths, we take measures to consider the environment in all of our properties. We are assertively promoting resource-saving housing that reduces the environmental burden in order to build a better future.

Furthermore, we are actively supporting the government’s regional revitalization projects, undertaken to address population decline and the super-aging society.

  • Osaka Prefecture’s regional revitalization projects
  • Midosuji illumination project
  • Urban space project to enjoy the Port of Osaka and entire Kansai region by bicycle
  • Project to improve inflow by public transportation
  • New child-raising subsidy project
  • Fukuoka Prefecture’s regional revitalization projects
  • Sacred Island of Okinoshima and Associated Sites in the Munakata Region revitalization project
  • Junior athlete training project
  • Supporting member of architect Tadao Ando’s Nakanoshima Forest of Children’s Books Fund