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ES-CON JAPAN is a life developer that builds the settings of people’s futures, bringing ideals into reality and the future of Japan to life.

Medium-Term Management Plan

1. Review of Third Medium-Term Management Plan

ES-CON JAPAN announced its third medium-term management plan “IDEAL to REAL 2022” with the fiscal year ending December 2022 as the final fiscal year on December 2, 2019, and commenced proactive business development from January 2020 by setting a basic policy of putting management stability and sustainable growth on track as well as accurately responding to diversifying social issues through ESG promotion and aiming to maximize corporate value.

However, the outlook is extremely difficult to predict as economic activities have been significantly restricted and the economic and social environment has also changed drastically due to the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic in February 2020 not only in Japan but also across the world.

Based on these factors, ES-CON JAPAN decided to drastically review its third medium-term management plan and withdraw it for the time being.

2. Review of Progressive Dividend Policy

ES-CON JAPAN introduced the progressive dividend policy (a dividend policy that sets the dividend per share (DPS) for the previous fiscal year as the lower limit and “does not decrease the dividend amount, but rather only maintain or increase the dividend amount” in principle) as its dividend policy in November 2016, and has continued to implement it. However, ES-CON JAPAN has reviewed the “progressive dividend policy” based on the idea that it is necessary to further enhance internal reserves as it is extremely difficult to predict the future as described in 1. above, and decided to withdraw it.

Moreover, ES-CON JAPAN will maintain a payout ratio of 30% or more.

With regard to the dividend policy, ES-CON JAPAN will shift the focus to the securement of internal reserves by taking into account the current environment while paying attention to the balance with dividends, and intends to improve and maximize sustainable corporate value without changing the policy of placing utmost importance on return to shareholders.

3. Future Outlook

Under the situation in which a state of emergency has been declared again due to the spread of COVID-19, ES-CON JAPAN will announce the next new medium-term management plan based on the resolution passed at the board of directors’ meeting to be held in February 2021 after fully understanding the impact of the spread of infection on ES-CON Japan Group’s business activities.

Dividend FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
(Actual) (Actual) (Actual) (Planned)
18 yen 32 yen 36 yen 38 yen