Investor Relations

ES-CON JAPAN is a life developer that builds the settings of people’s futures, bringing ideals into reality and the future of Japan to life.

IR Policy/Disclaimer

IR Policy

ES-CON JAPAN conducts investor relations (IR) according to a basic policy of providing information on management policies, business strategies and financial information to all stakeholders including shareholders and investors in a comprehensive, fair and accurate manner, with an aim to become a company that can gain the trust of shareholders and investors.

Basic Stance on Information Disclosure

ES-CON JAPAN discloses information in a timely and appropriate manner in line with relevant laws and regulations including the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Timely Disclosure Rules established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and strives to ensure important information that could impact investment decisions is available equally to all market participants.

Disclosure Method

ES-CON JAPAN disseminates disclosed information to the market through TDnet (Timely Disclosure network) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange as well as promptly provides information to the media and posts them on its website.

IR Quiet Period

ES-CON JAPAN works to prevent leakage of information on financial results by setting the period from the day after of the end of each quarter to the accounting settlement day as an “IR quiet period.” During this period, the executives and employees of ES-CON JAPAN refrain from commenting on business prospects, results or forecasts. Please note that we do not conduct individual meetings, company information sessions, etc. during this period.

Information Disclosure and Website Usage Stipulations

The information disclosed on the website is not intended as a solicitation for investments. Users are advised to make investment decisions based on their own judgment. Please also refer to the Disclaimer and only use the website after understanding and agreeing to it.


The purpose of the website is to provide corporate information such as the management policy, financial status, etc. of ES-CON JAPAN and its group companies (hereinafter the “ES-CON Group”) to shareholders, investors, etc. and is not intended as solicitation for the purchase of ES-CON JAPAN’s shares. Users are advised to make investment decisions based on their own judgment.

The ES-CON Group does not guarantee the information posted on the website and the information on other websites linked to this website. In addition, please note that the ES-CON Group does not bear any responsibility on loss or damage caused by erroneous information, data downloads, etc.

All information other than historical facts including forward-looking statements such as business results forecasts, policies, management strategies, goals, schedules and the recognition and evaluation of facts related to the ES-CON Group and the forecast of business results and dividends, which are posted on the website, are based on judgements, assumptions and beliefs in accordance with the information that was available as of the date of announcement made by ES-CON JAPAN. Therefore, the actual results may differ significantly from the forecast due to various factors such as the change in domestic and overseas economic conditions and the status of internal and external business operation or uncertainties and potential risks in the forecast. Moreover, unpredictable impacts, etc. arising from future events are also included in the risks and uncertainties.

When viewing information posted on this website, visitors should note that unless otherwise specified, the information was prepared on the date such information was posted on this website. Because such information reflects the opinion of the ES-CON Group at that time, visitors should view the information in light of the circumstances at that time and be aware that the ES-CON Group has not updated the information after the date it was prepared. Furthermore, in some situations, published information may no longer be consistent with actual facts because the name, content, etc. have been revised or eliminated, or because the information has become outdated with the passage of time.