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ES-CON JAPAN is a life developer that builds the settings of people’s futures, bringing ideals into reality and the future of Japan to life.

ESG Initiatives

We believe that, as a company, we must contribute to communities and society through our business activities as reflected in the “address social issues through promotion of ESG initiatives” target we set as part of our corporate strategy.

We have been working to be considerate to the environment, contribute to communities and society, and build an objective and transparent management structure even from before.

In the condominium sales business, we are working to introduce ZEH-M in the promotion of environmentally friendly condominium development. In the commercial development business, we are working to develop “tonarie” community-based commercial facilities in pursuit of regional revitalization.

We intend to keep working to also engage in next-generation urban development utilizing the living environment, energy, AI, etc. through implementation of joint research of next-generation smart houses, connected homes, etc. and other ways as synergistic effects of the capital and business partnership with Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.

We will continue to work on each carefully by raising individual ESG awareness and accurately addressing the issues facing society through various businesses.

Takatoshi Ito

President & Representative Director

Takatoshi Ito

Management Philosophy on ESG

Under our corporate slogan of “IDEAL to REAL” (bringing ideals into reality to create a new future), we seek to realize a sustainable society and sustainable growth by addressing social issues through promotion of ESG initiatives as a life developer creating ideal living, meeting needs that change with the times.

Basic Policy on ESG

We seek to grow as a company required by society in compliance with laws and regulations on environment, social and governance (ESG) and the promises we make and through promotion of ESG initiatives.



Creating new environmental value, such as next-generation urban development, with the aim of achieving a carbon-neutral society by 2050.


Promoting real estate development and corporate activities that are as environmentally conscious as possible.


Creating environmental value and business value by venturing into new business areas that focus on the environment.


Contributing to regional revitalization through urban development and building a new future by promoting the creation of local communities.


Establishing a rewarding work environment where employees can make full use of their abilities and promoting diversity so that a wide range of human resources may thrive.


Contributing to resolving social issues related to healthcare and welfare as well as the declining birthrate and aging population, and supporting safe, comfortable community living.


Promoting business development aimed at achieving global SDGs through the development of overseas business.


Enhancing timely, appropriate, and fair disclosure of management information.


Promoting governance structures capable of securing management stability, soundness, and transparency.


Enhancing risk management capabilities in response to growing risks accompanying business expansion and diversification.


Pursuing business activities based on the Corporate Ethics Charter and respect for the human rights of all.

Contribution to the realization of a sustainable society

Sustainable Development Goals

ESG Promotion Structure

ESG Promotion Structure
ESG Promotion Structure

Positioning “address social issues through promotion of ESG initiatives” as a corporate strategy based on the management philosophy on ESG, the “ESG Promotion Group,” which has a director serving as head of the President’s Office appointed as the person in charge and consists of members selected from each department, is divided into the “E Team,” “S Team” and “G Team” to set fiscal targets and promote initiatives for “Environment,” “Social” and “Governance.”

Obtained “GRESB Developer Assessment”

We have been participating in GRESB, an annual benchmark assessment measuring ESG consideration in the real estate sector, every year since 2018. In fiscal 2020, we received for the first time the rating of “3 Stars,” an improvement from “2 Stars” earned in the previous fiscal year, and also received “Green Star” for the second consecutive year.

We will keep up proactive activities to boost ratings.

gresb 3ster 2020

Reference: Overview of GRESB
GRESB is an annual benchmark assessment measuring ESG consideration of real estate companies and funds holding and managing real assets (real estate and infrastructure) that was founded in 2009 primarily by a group of major European pension funds that led the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

For details of the framework, please check the GRESB website (

Received the Award for Excellence in the Environmental Human Resource Development Corporate Awards 2020

We received the Award for Excellence in the SME category of the Environmental Human Resource Development Corporate Awards 2020 (recognizing companies leading the way in developing environment-related human resources) put on by the Ministry of the Environment and the Environmental Consortium for Leadership Development (EcoLeaD).

Recognized Initiatives (Comments from Panel)

“The ‘dementia support district’ initiative to involve tenants (of tonarie Seiwadai) and employees in training dementia supporters is excellent. Initiatives like ZEH help reduce the environmental burden.”

These awards were created in 2014 by the Ministry of the Environment with an aim to encourage Japanese companies to engage in and train human resources for environmentally friendly business management and increase the number of companies contributing to comprehensive improvement of the environment, economy and society, considering the situation where efforts toward a sustainable society have become essential.


Initiatives taken by companies to train their employees and their results.


Initiatives which have actually been taken and are expected to be implemented on a continuing basis.

Evaluation is based on these two requisites and excellent initiatives and their results are awarded either the Minister of the Environment’s Award or the Award for Excellence.

Fundraising through an ESG/SDG assessment-based loan provided by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Deemed to be implementing good ESG and SDG initiatives and information disclosure in the assessment based on ESG and SDG standards created by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (President and CEO: Makoto Takashima; hereinafter “SMBC”) and the Japan Research Institute (Representative Director and President: Katsunori Tanizaki), ES-CON JAPAN earned an A* overall ranking, the third-best ranking out of seven, and raised three billion yen through this ESG/SDG assessment-based loan within its syndicated loan arranged by SMBC to fund the Fujishirodai 5-Chome Project on the site acquired on March 27, 2020.

The ESG/SDG assessment indicated that ES-CON JAPAN’s initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its business, consideration of both the local and global community, and CSR management are of an extremely high level. It also deemed ES-CON JAPAN to be implementing good ESG initiatives in its corporate management and highly motivated to contribute to the SDGs through its business initiatives.

Assessment of ESG initiatives


Implementing an environment management system and working to reduce the environmental impact of ES-CON JAPAN and its condominiums and retail facilities.


Adopting employee ideas, training care personnel in its community-rooted retail facilities, and helping foreign personnel adjust to Japan in its business.


Establishing a cross-group, cross-departmental ESG promotion group reporting to the President’s Office which formulates ESG action plans and incorporates them into the medium-term management plan to achieve the management strategy.

In addition to the above, the assessment deemed ES-CON JAPAN to be motivated to achieve SDGs 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities and 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth.

An ESG/SDG assessment-based loan is a financial instrument that uses unique assessment standards created by SMBC and the Japan Research Institute (Representative Director and President: Katsunori Tanizaki) to reward companies based on assessment of their ESG initiatives and information disclosure and contribution to achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), analysis of the appropriateness of those initiatives and information disclosure, and future issues and examples of responses to those issues.

Acquisition of Environmental Management System (EMS) “EcoAction 21” Certification

We acquired the certification of EcoAction 21, an environmental management system unique to Japan established by the Ministry of the Environment, on May 25, 2020.

EcoAction 21 is an environmental management system for proactively and effectively engaging in environmental management such as reduction of CO2 emissions. It aims for continuous actions based on a PDCA cycle. By continuously conducting environmentally friendly management through EcoAction 21 activities, we can expect benefits on the management front, including reduction of costs and improvement in productivity, as well as enhanced corporate value, while fulfilling our social responsibility to reduce environmental burden.

EcoAction 21