About Us

ES-CON JAPAN is a life developer that builds the settings of people’s futures, bringing ideals into reality and the future of Japan to life.

Vision & Mission


To Be A Life Developer

To develop not only the buildings but also the lives of those who live in them, thinking of their happiness – this is the kind of life developer we seek to be. Through solutions proposed by cross-departmental teams made up of the best and brightest, we create richness unprecedented in the real estate industry, connecting people with people and communities with the future.


To Develop “New Norm Neighborhoods”

To create community-rooted value and continue to add to it over time, building ‘small-town communities’ that are not rural but neighborhoods that residents nevertheless take pride in, love and care for. We provide a new kind and quality of community life in which families and friends can enjoy each day together.


New Norm Neighborhoods

We believe that the job of a developer goes beyond merely constructing retail facilities and selling condominiums. The developers of the future will shape the lives of those who live there, thinking of their happiness.

A developer is a creator; it develops not only land but life itself. This is our new mission. As people shift from seeking material richness in features and functions to spiritual richness in lifestyle and human connections, we too are becoming a life developer that creates spaces that residents take pride in, love, care for and enjoy each day together with their families and friends.

Connecting people with people and communities with the future – this is what we as ES-CON JAPAN uniquely offer through cross-departmental initiatives stretching from residential to retail. More than buildings, we build lives. More than neighborhoods, we build communities. Under this credo, we will fill Japan with places that only become more attractive with time.