About Us

ES-CON JAPAN is a life developer that builds the settings of people’s futures, bringing ideals into reality and the future of Japan to life.


We will work to fulfill corporate social responsibility to communities and society through business activities and establish the management foundation for stable growth.

Initiatives for Community-Building

Development and Operation of Community-Based Commercial Facilities

We develop and operate the “tonarie” series of community-based commercial facilities in the form of NSCs*, such as “tonarie Yamato-Takada,” “tonarie Toga-Mikita,” “tonarie Seiwadai,” “tonarie Minamisenri” and “tonarie Utsunomiya.”

We will continue to engage in community-based commercial development that would be loved by the local people and become the pride of the area in the hope of contributing to community-building and regional revitalization.

* NSC: Neighborhood Shopping Center

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[Brand Concept]
Close to the community in order to develop together with the community. Always a good neighbor.
“tonarie” was born out of our desire to be close to the people who reside in the area.

tonarie Yamato-Takada

tonarie Yamato-Takada

tonarie Toga-Mikita

tonarie Toga-Mikita

tonarie Seiwadai

tonarie Seiwadai

tonarie Minamisenri

tonarie Minamisenri

tonarie Utsunomiya

tonarie Utsunomiya

The architectural design of “tonarie Yamato-Takada” by Yuko Nagayama, who was selected as the architect for the Japan pavilion to be showcased at Expo 2020 Dubai, is that of a facility full of life and in a manner that reflects the concept of “a multi-level garden connected with the local community.” With a large supermarket as an anchor tenant and a fresh foods store, bakery, fitness center, clinic and other tenants for daily use by local people, this is a facility undertaking the function of community-building. The facility received the fiscal 2019 award for merit in the beautification of Nara Prefecture (landscaping division) from the Nara Prefectural Government.

We will continue to engage in the development of community-based commercial facilities like this to contribute to society through regional revitalization and urban development.

tonarie Yamato-Takada

tonarie Yamato-Takada

Initiatives for Diversity

Employment of a Diverse Range of Human Resources and Promotion of Playing an Active Role

Child Care and Nursing Care Support

We have set leave regulations for child care and nursing care to support employee work-life balance. We not only offer programs for taking leave or other periods of absence from work, but have also made work-life balance programs of various sorts available for use, such as for child care and nursing care givers to work short hours or be exempt from working outside of scheduled working hours.

To further support the work-life balance of employees doing child care or nursing care, we have newly formulated an action plan for general employers based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. Going forward, we will continue to support employee work-life balance in ways such as revising our regulations on child care leave and nursing care leave so that employees can flexibly adapt their work to their care needs.

Furthermore, with the employment and active participation of a diverse range of human resources taken into consideration, we will establish a work environment where all employees can balance work and family and play an active role going forward.

Examples of Systems Supporting Child Care and Nursing Care

Child care holiday system

Child care leave system

Sick/injured child care leave system

Shortened working hour system

Nursing care holiday system

Nursing care leave system

Staggered working hour system

Remote work system

Preparation of Manual Regarding Maternity Leave, Child Care Leave and Nursing Care


We provide more opportunities for senior employees with abundant experience to play an active role with a reemployment system for hiring the elderly as part-time employees after retirement.

People with Disabilities

We proactively hire people with disabilities. Our offices have multipurpose toilets and barrier-free elevators to provide a workplace where people with disabilities can also work comfortably. *Some offices do not have such facilities.

Initiatives for Communities and Society

Hokkaido Ballpark Project

Acquisition of Naming Rights to New Ballpark of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters

We concluded a naming rights agreement for the new ballpark of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters planned to be constructed and opened in Kitahiroshima City in Hokkaido in 2023 with Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Baseball Club Co., Ltd. (Location: Sapporo City, Hokkaido; Representative: Koji Kawamura, President) and Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Location: Sapporo City, Hokkaido; Representative: Koji Kawamura, President), which manages the HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE and owns/operates the ballpark.

The area surrounding the ballpark is an important base as a planned site for a sports park in Kitahiroshima City and is part of a large-scale development area for HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE (total development area: approx. 36.7 ha) with construction of a new station also planned. We are scheduled to participate in the development of various real estate in the area such as a hotel on the land of approximately 9,400 m² adjoining the ballpark. We will seize this opportunity to start also supporting sports, cultural promotion, etc. for the happiness of the residents of Hokkaido and contribute to revitalization and development of the entire community.


Special movie

Dementia Support Project

Promoting a dementia support project to help community-building among the local people and as part of support for the elderly, “tonarie Seiwadai,” a commercial facility operated by our Group, has been certified as a dementia-support business establishment by the Hanshinkita District Administration Office.

We also position this project for dementia support as being universal design in intangible aspects and are expanding similar activities to other commercial facilities, too.

tonarie Yamato-Takada
tonarie Toga-Mikita
tonarie Seiwadai

[Dementia Supporter Training Seminar]

“Dementia Supporter Training Seminar” deepens participants’ understanding on dementia through group work so that people with dementia can use stores at ease.

Having employees take this seminar leads to positive effects in that it raises their awareness of customer service and awareness of community participation.

Making Monetary Donations and Other Contributions

Name of monetary donation Research outline
Specially Appointed Professor Sugiyama Research Grant Cancer immunotherapies “WT1 cancer vaccine” and “WT1 cancer prevention vaccine”
Kyoto University’s “iPS Cell Research Fund” Pursue possibilities of iPS cells and contribute to realization of its medical application

Our other initiatives also include initiatives actively supporting regional revitalization and other projects undertaken to address population decline and the super-aging society as part of government efforts as follows:

  • Osaka Prefecture’s regional revitalization project
  • Midosuji illumination project
  • Project to improve environment to handle incoming flow in collaboration with public transportation, etc.
  • Fukuoka Prefecture’s regional revitalization project
  • Junior athlete development enhancement project
  • Supporting member of fund for “Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest” designed by architect Tadao Ando (2018)
  • Monetary donation for northern Osaka earthquake (2018)
  • New child-raising support subsidy project
  • Project to revitalize the region centering on the Sacred Island of Okinoshima and Associated Sites in the Munakata Region
  • Project to create urban space for fully enjoying the charms of Osaka Bay and throughout the Kansai region by bicycle
  • Donation to National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization’s “Green Fund”
Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest

Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest

National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization’s mascot “Donguri-kun”

National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization’s mascot “Donguri-kun”

Establishment of ES-CON Global Works Ltd.

On March 1, 2020, we commenced an employment placement business with the establishment of a new company “ES-CON Global Works Ltd.” as part of development of new businesses contributing to ESG management.

Recently, with the serious labor shortage problem and the amended Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act that approves new status of residence for specific job categories coming into effect in April 2019, the development of an environment for non-Japanese workers to work has been underway. Under such circumstances, with a view to helping solve this social issue, we decided to establish a new company “ES-CON Global Works Ltd.” that will engage in the employment placement business going forward to conduct employment placement services for non-Japanese nationals and consulting on overseas expansion with particular focus on the food service industry, the lodging industry and building cleaning.