About Us

ES-CON JAPAN is a life developer that builds the settings of people’s futures, bringing ideals into reality and the future of Japan to life.


We will promote business activities for realization of safe and comfortable living and a sustainable society by proactively working to resolve global environmental issues.

Environmentally Friendly Real Estate Development

Initiatives for ZEH-M Condominiums

As a condominium developer, we have registered as a ZEH* developer (D registration) and are working to introduce ZEH-M condominiums at a target rate of one building a year to promote more environmentally friendly condominium development.

Le JADE Okurayama

Le JADE Okurayama

“Le JADE Okurayama” was selected for the high-rise ZEH-M support project in fiscal 2019. Realizing both a comfortable indoor environment and energy efficiency by enhancing the thermal insulation performance of external walls, etc. as well as employing double sash with high thermal insulation and highly efficient air-conditioning and hot-water supply equipment, the property is an environmentally friendly product meeting the “ZEH-M Oriented” standards that is the level to be sought in multi-family housing of six floors or more as set forth by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

* ZEH (Net Zero Energy House) is a house aiming to make the annual primary energy consumption zero by introducing renewable energy after realizing significant conservation of energy while maintaining the quality of the indoor environment with significant improvement in the thermal insulation performance of the outer building skin as well as the introduction of a highly efficient equipment system.

Fiscal 2019 Result Fiscal 2020 Target Fiscal 2021 Target Fiscal 2022 Target Fiscal 2023 Target
1 building 1 building 1 building 1 building 1 building

ES CON HOME and ES CON CRAFT Get ZEH Builder Certification

At ES-CON Home and ES-CON Craft, we have established the following goal to realize ZEH spread of 50% in fiscal 2020 with an aim to provide and spread environmentally friendly detached houses, and completed ZEH Builder* registration. We will provide environmentally friendly houses towards the achievement of our goal.

Fiscal 2016 Fiscal 2017 Fiscal 2018 Fiscal 2019 Goal for fiscal 2020
Goal for ZEH spread - - - - 50%
Results of ZEH spread 0 0 0 0 Currently being promoted

* The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry introduced the ZEH Builder Registration System through the ZEH Support Project in fiscal 2016. The system is designed to conduct public advertisement targeting building contractors, housing developers, and architectural design offices setting a business goal to increase the percentage of ZEH among houses for which they receive orders to 50% or more by fiscal 2020, and register business operators that fulfill certain requirements including the establishment of goals and measures for spreading ZEH as “ZEH Builders.”

Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification

We acquired DBJ Green Building Certification from Development Bank of Japan Inc. for “tonarie Yamato-Takada” and “tonarie Toga-Mikita,” community-based commercial facilities developed by us and currently owned by ESCON JAPAN REIT Investment Corporation.

The DBJ Green Building Certification is a certification system established by Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) in April 2011 to support real estate properties with environmental and social awareness (“Green Buildings”). It evaluates and certifies real estate properties in terms of their desirability for society and the economy based on comprehensive evaluation, which includes not only environmental performance, but also responsiveness to various stakeholder needs such as consideration for emergency preparedness and the community, and supports initiatives for such.

Property name Certification

tonarie Yamato-Takada


Properties with excellent environmental & social awareness

tonarie Toga-Mikita


Properties with excellent environmental & social awareness

For details of the certification system and the certified properties, please refer to the following.

Website jointly operated by DBJ and Japan Real Estate Institute:

Press releases (Japanese only)

[ESCON JAPAN REIT Investment Corporation]


Acquisition of CASBEE Real Estate Certification

We received the highest rank of “S” in CASBEE Real Estate Certification for “Soyoca Fujimino (Fujimino-shi, Saitama),” a logistics facility we own, from an assessment and certification organization of CASBEE certified by the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation. Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE) assesses and rates the environmental performance of buildings, and is a system for comprehensively assessing the quality of buildings including environmental consideration such as conservation of energy and the use of equipment with low environmental burden as well as consideration to indoor comfort and scenery.

CASBEE Real Estate Assessment was developed for the purpose of utilizing the results of the environmental assessments of buildings in CASBEE in real estate assessments. Buildings are scored in the five assessment items of “1. Energy and greenhouse gas,” “2. Water,” “3. Use of resources and safety,” “4. Biodiversity and site,” and “5. Indoor environment,” and one of the four ratings of “S,” “A,” “B+,” and “B” is given based on such score.

Property name Assessment rank

Soyoca Fujimino

[Rank S]

For the details of the system and the certified property, please refer to the following.

Website of the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation:

Press release (Japanese only)


Introduction of Other Environmentally Friendly Equipment

We are carefully creating condominiums while considering the environment even at properties other than the ZEH-M condominiums which have particularly high environmental performance.

In the development of for-sale condominiums, we obtain the highest levels under the standards for performance of thermal insulation, etc. (grade 4) and deterioration (grade 3) as a standard.

We also seek effective utilization of energy and resources by employing LED lighting, water-saving toilets and other energy- and resource-efficient equipment.

  • High-efficiency TES (Eco-JOES)
  • Cogeneration system (ENE-FARM)
  • Water-saving toilet, heated bathtub, LED lighting, double glazing, emergency supply warehouse, etc.

Joint Research through Industry-Academia Collaboration

Joint Research with Tokyo University of Science

In October 2018, we commenced joint research with Tokyo University of Science’s Inoue Research Group, which has a focus on architecture and environmental design, with the aim of minimizing environmental burden and realization of a sustainable society through the development of environmentally friendly apartments.

Research themes: Heat; Energy efficiency; Comfort; Global environment

[Inoue Research Group, Tokyo University of Science]

Members include Professor Takashi Inoue and Special Junior Associate Professor Kozo Takase. Winner of numerous awards, including the 7th IBEC Sustainable Housing Award in 2017 and the 5th IBEC Sustainable Building Award in 2014.

* Sustainable housing is housing that utilizes natural clean energy, such as solar power and wind power, without using energy from petroleum causing global warming.

Improvement of the Local Environment

For-Sale Detached Housing Rich in Nature

Park JADE Suginami Izumi has characteristic “garden paths” creating a continuous strip of space by placing greenery to make boundaries gradual and to blur the boundary line intentionally. Being able to sense nature no matter how limited the space and facilitating natural communication among residents will foster a community that forms and enjoys the effects of education in cultivation of sensitivity that would heighten the sensitivity of children.

Solar power is used to pump groundwater from Kanda River and the water flows along garden paths so as to create the sound of a stream. A hand pump is also installed to function as a means to secure water for domestic use in the event of a disaster or other emergency.

The living environment is one that enhances creativity and where children can learn about the power possessed by nature and the environment by being in close touch with greenery, water, solar energy, etc. in everyday life.

Park JADE Suginami Izumi won the 10th Kids Design Award in 2016.

Park JADE Suginami Izumi

Park JADE Suginami Izumi

For-Sale Condominiums Close to the Community

Le JADE Takatsuki was created by exploring the type of outdoor environment this place requires through a series of exchange of views with residents of the neighborhood with the aim of forming an urban space that would be loved by the community.

As a result, we managed to make the for-sale condominium’s outdoor environment one that achieves both “creation of open green space that enriches the community” and “forming of safe pedestrian space.” For the “creation of open green space that enriches the community,” we have provided greenery of a large scale at the intersection portion to contribute to forming a favorable cityscape as an oasis that enriches the lives of passersby. For the “forming of safe pedestrian space,” the adjacent sidewalk used to be narrow and the intersection at the northwest corner of the site saw frequent traffic accidents, but we have secured safety by forming a sidewalk-like open space on the site along the adjacent sidewalk, setting the existing sidewalk portion for bicycle traffic and setting the sidewalk-like open space for natural pedestrian traffic.

Winner of the 1st Takatsuki City Landscape Award in 2019.

Park JADE Suginami Izumi

Le JADE Takatsuki

Eco-Themed Renovation

We are undertaking renovation projects that can serve to curtail generation of waste material and save materials by making the most of existing buildings rather than “scrap & build” in these times that call for the promotion of environmentally friendly “eco”-themed business.

Le JADE bio Funabashi Kitanarashino

Le JADE bio Funabashi Kitanarashino

Environmentally Friendly Logistics Development

LOGITRES Tojo has been certified Rank A under the Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE).

In addition, under our first solar power generation project, environmental considerations are being made at the property.

*CASBEE® is a tool for comprehensive assessment of the environmental performance of buildings, urban areas, cities, etc. from various perspectives, and is now widely utilized by building contractors, architectural designers, building owners, real estate investment institutions, etc. in Japan. There is also increasing utilization by some local governments as a reporting system.



Improvement of the Work Environment

Work-Life Balance

We are carrying out activities aimed at establishing a better work environment, such as thorough implementation of days where there is no overtime and the conducting of work environment surveys since 2015. We will continue incorporating and executing measures to make the work environment even better.

We will continue to ensure thorough employee employment and attendance management as well as identify issues and execute countermeasures in order to maintain stable growth as we seek to be a company required by society.

Initiatives for a Better Work Environment

Health and Safety of Employees

We have formulated health management regulations and take the measures necessary to maintain and improve the health of employees. We conduct periodic health checks and stress checks of all employees once a year in efforts to ensure that employees stay physically and mentally healthy.

We also hold health committee meetings once a month and work on measures for health promotion and occupational safety of employees.

In preparation for earthquakes and other wide-area disasters, we have introduced a safety confirmation system as a means of communication between employees and the company. Along with grasping the safety condition of employees, we will communicate instructions and messages as appropriate to secure the safety of employees in the event of a disaster.

Raising the Percentage of Paid Leave Taken

We promote paid leave to be taken by setting several dates a year as dates encouraged for paid leave to be taken.

We also promote paid leave to be taken by having the dates on which the year’s paid leave is scheduled to be taken planned at the beginning of the year so as to raise the percentage of paid leave taken.

Employee Interaction

We pursue active communication throughout the company by organizing opportunities for employees to interact several times a year.

We also offer club activities for sharing of interests and hobbies through the club activities to facilitate communication at the workplace, laying the foundation for human relationships. We will continue to strive to create a vibrant work environment.