Our Business

ES-CON JAPAN is a life developer that builds the settings of people’s futures, bringing ideals into reality and the future of Japan to life.

Income Property Development, Consulting

Wide-ranging expertise

Income Property Development

Using the expertise gained from our condominium business, we have also begun to develop rental residences and other properties. We have already formed the GK Kamikitadai Ekimae Development Project, GK Fujisawa Development Project , GK Keio Inagi Ekimae Development Project and GK Odakyu Isehara Ekimae Sakuradai Development Project as rental apartment development funds and are pressing ahead with other initiatives.

We create comfortable, new living spaces that fully satisfy customers in quality and service.


We offer our partners a wide range of real estate planning, brokerage and consulting services based on our extensive real estate business expertise. We take pride in our team of experts from numerous fields, through which we provide specific proposals unique to ES-CON JAPAN.

As Japan’s aging society is increasing demand for care services, we offer consulting on the nursing home business.
In light of the growing inbound demand and number of students from abroad, another way we contribute to society is by venturing into new real estate businesses such as student residence development, capitalizing on our planning abilities.